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Impressora 3D CPI-03

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The 3DCPI 03 presents a printing area of 300x250X520mm, providing a surface capable of making large pieces and small series but the feature that stands out is its high printing height on the Z axis, 520mm.

Easy to use and calibrate this machine will allow you to use all its height allowing printing from the smallest and simplest designs to the largest.

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Print volume: A height printer, with a print surface of 300x250x520mm. Its exceptional height of impression in the Z-axis makes it the ideal candidate for the studies of architecture or artists.

Metal Chassis: A solid, sturdy chassis is essential for clean, vibration-free printing. This is where much of the success of our prints resides, since movement and head accelerations are not transmitted to the printing surface.

Compact: Despite its height this printer is also very compact 420 x 460 x 740mm. highly optimized design, which allows you to place this large format printer even in office.

Crossbars: The extruder carriage moves with a system of crossbars, this allows optimizing the design of the printer and is one of the reasons why our printers are so compact.

Double Extruder: Double extruder allows printing parts in two colors, to use soluble material of support or to have different diameters of nozzle in the same printer among others.

Bowden Extruder: In the bowden extrusion system, the motors are located at the back of the printer. This saves space and weight on the print head. This saving of space is the key that our printers have a volume so compact and optimized with respect to the volume of printing that they offer.

Silicone heated bed: In order to be able to print on the whole range of filaments available in the market, it is necessary to use hot bed and in our large format printers, this process is carried out by a few sheets of silicone that is adhered under the surface of impression.

SD card reader: It has an SD card reader, thanks to which the printer works independently without having to connect a computer.

Reducing motors: Our extruder motors feature a built-in reducer that provides all the force needed to guide the filament as well as great control over the extruded filament.

-Automatic Pay-Out: Do not worry because the printing will end at night or not be present when printing is finished. Once the printing is finished and the extruders cool down, the printer will automatically shut down.

-Touch Screen: This screen guarantees quick access to all printer functions and allows you to view and modify all options in a simple and intuitive way.

Filament sensor: If the coil is terminated during printing, it will pause allowing the coil to be replaced and resume printing at the point that was interrupted.

- CTP system: Thanks to the CTP system, continue to print, voltage drops will no longer be a problem, the machine will automatically pause and once it is restarted it will allow resuming printing at the same point where it was left.

Volum d´impressió :300 x 250 x 520 mm
Pes (kg) : 20.5 kg
Dimensions (mm) :420 x 460 x 740 mm
Moviment Eixos X Y :0,010mm en ejes X, Y
Velocitat d´impressió màxima :20-150 mm/s (ajustable)
Volocitat de Movimant Màxima (mm/s) :-
Moviment d´Eix Z :0,002mm en eje Z
Gruix de capa mínim (mm) :0,1-0,5 mm
Precisió XYZ (mm) :0,1-0,2 mm
Nombre d´Extrusors Suportats :-
Diàmetre Nozzle (mm) :0,4 mm
Sistema d´Extrusió :Bowden
Temperatura del nozzle (ºC) :-
Diámetres de filament (mm) :3,00 mm (disponible sota comanda 1,75 mm)
Detector de Filament :-
LLit Calent :Si
Temperatura màxima llit calent (ºC) :120 (ºC)
Sistemes Operatius :Windows XP, Vista, 7 i 8, Ubuntu , Linux, Mac OSX
Idiomes :Anglès
Software :Replicator G
Formats :STL, OBJ, GCode, Amf
Impressió desde :Targeta SD - USB
Pantalla :Pantalla LSD
Apagat automàtic :-
Sistema anti-apagades :-



Instruccions impressores 3DCPI

Instruccions per al funcionament 3DCPI 02PRO/03/04/05

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Manual SOFTWARE 3DCPI per 3DCPI 02PRO/03/04/05

Download (1.13M)


Software per 3DCPI 02PRO/03/04/05

Download (23.17M)


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