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3,30 €

Teflon tube bowden extruders and thermistors with different diameters.

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8,00 €

4Gb memory card required.

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14,00 €

Extruder head 0.4mm.

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28,50 €

Nozzle X is a new high range nozzle, made of a special alloy of steel for tools, is a nozzle of great hardness, maintaining its properties at high temperatures without softening. It has a hard and resistant nickel coating that provides a...

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68,00 €

Keep your filament at ideal print temperatures with the handy eBOX. Specially designed to suit all 3D printing filaments, the eBOX weighs, heats and protects to ensure optimum prints every time. Moisture-proof and dustproof, the dry storage...

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80,40 €

Extrusor de última generación para su impresora 3D ¡Titan ofrece extrusión de alto rendimiento para todos! Todos los beneficios de la extrusión por engranajes en un paquete pequeño y ligero. " Perfección: Con la reducción de engranajes 3: 1,...

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