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Simplify / Cura 6 hours training course

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Simplify 3D * / Cura training course, in this course you will learn what you need to handle the Simplify 3D professional lamination tool, or Cura's course of operation. This course does not include the price of the software license, which will be borne by the Client

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In this course, we will learn to:


  •          Import different types of files to the program.
  •          Create the interface of our printers.
  •          Insert the supports automatically and manually.
  •          Divide the views to check the hidden geometries of the piece.
  •          Scale, rotate and move parts optimally for printing.
  •          Configure the layer heights according to needs and geometries.
  •          Add and modify the order of processes.
  •          Adjust the starting points according to the piece to improve the finish.
  •          Use the skirt and the edge, also the preparation towers.
  •          Choose the fill pattern and its percentage according to the purpose of the object.
  •          Define the parameters of the supports.
  •          Choose the different temperatures according to material and size of piece.
  •          Use the layer fan at the appropriate time.
  •          The use of scripts according to need.
  •          Print with double head and decide which the best position is.
  •          Speed adjustment according to layer height and geometry.
  •          Bridge adjustment.
  •          Adjustment of retractions and cleaning of hot ends.


Different pieces will be made to put into practice what they have learned.

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