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Dimafix is a spray tailored for 3D printers with FFF technology and Heated Bed. 

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It provides great grip between plastic and glass, so warping is not a problem even in large ABS parts. You will be able to print in all kind of thermoplastic materials. While the bed is hot the adhesive effect will be working even in large prints. When the Heated Bed’s temperature goes down the adhesion effect disappears and the model will be easily detached.

Shake it for a few seconds before apply over the base

Make sure the base us cold

Apply it over the base

Wait a few seconds for the surface to dry and heat the bed

Consult the table with recommended temperatures for printing each Dimafix formula

The product begins to work above 65ºC/150ºC

While the bed keeps over 85ºC/185ºF the piece will remain stuck on it

In case of incident during printing try not remove the piece. If the piece has not taking off yet, when bed will be heated again the piece will adhere tightly and maybe you could recover your work.

After printing finished the piece will be easily detached (Below 50ºC/122ºCF)

Wait for the bed to cool down before remove the piece.

If want to clean the bed, the product can be simply removed with a cloth soaked in water


  • Strong bond:

Strong bond during printing

Suitable for multiple materials

  • No warping:

Avoid warping

  • Self-detached:

Once printed, the piece will detached automatically

  • Easy to clean:

The product is water soluble

  • Durable:

Each bottle allows more than 100 uses

  • Heat bed:

Recommended for printing on heated beds


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