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Dimafix PEN

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Dimafix Pen (90ml) is a new product based on Dimafix formula. Maintains the same adhesion properties of Dimafix spray format but in dabber liquid format. It has long been useful (more than 100 uses). It is water soluble so it is easy to clean. It works on different temperature range than Dimafix gas, so it allows the self dettaching effect of the piece sooner. This product does not contain any gas, is enviromentally friendly. You can also notice it great smell during the print. After you use it, close it and hold it properly.

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  • Shake it fo a few seconds before apply over the base

  • Make sure the base is cold
  • Apply it over the base

  • Wait a few seconds for the surface to dry and heat the bed
  • Consult the table with recommended temperatures for printing each Dimafix formula
  • The product begins to work above 65ºC/150ºF

  • While the bed keeps over 85ºC / 185ºF the pieces will remain stuck on it
  • In case of incident during printing try not to remove the piece. If the piece has not taking off yet, when bed will be heated again the piece will adhere tightly and maybe you could recover your work

  • After printing finished the piece will be easily detached (below 50ºC/122ºC)
  • Wait for the bed to cool down before remove the piece
  • If want to clean the bed, the product can be simply removed with a cloth soaked in water


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