Post-processing and 3D maintenance

LAVAPEN 70x55xh45cm, 8 bar manual parts washer

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They have no difficulty of use or maintenance and being built in stainless steel are machines manufactured to last a lifetime.

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LAVAPEN hand washers allow small and medium-sized parts to be washed quickly to speed up repair processes.

The cleaning results are guaranteed thanks to its high pressure pump, hot water and biodegradable soap.

The LAVAPEN manual parts washer is available in three different versions:

  • Version P: It has a pneumatic feed at 5 bar and uses water at room temperature. It is the simplest version and works by pressurized jet and a brush.

  • Version C: The pneumatic wash pump reaches 9 bar and the water can be regulated up to 60ºC. It also has a brush and a lance with pressurized jet.

  • X Version: The X series in one of the most advanced manual parts washing on the market. It has an adjustable wash pump from 1 to 80 bar and the water temperature can be adjusted up to 60ºC. For washing, it has a special lance with a non-slip handle capable of professional cleaning thanks to the high pressure of the pump.

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