VRB-TECH Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses

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With the VR Virtual Reality VRB-TECH you will immerse in the virtual reality world in videos, games, photos, etc. with your smartphone device.

Doesn’t need any software to work, only a smartphone (4,7” to 6,2”) and an APP needed to play videos, games, etc. with the VRB-TECH.

The VRB-TECH glasses have earphones incorporated to listen a 3D sound while you enjoy the virtual reality. The earphones can be stretched, to adapt the user and provide a better comfort.

The glasses have a viewing angle of 100º and it’s like watching a 100” screen from 3 meters. It comes with a Bluetooth controller to control the smartphone without having to take out the glasses, it also works with games.

The cushioning material is made of elastic nylon to improve the comfort of the user. 

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S.O. Compatible :Apple iOS, Android 4.0 (or above)
Dimensions :235mm x 225mm x 145mm
Product Weight :610g
Suitable Phone Size :4.7" ~ 6.2"
Material :TPU+ lycra
FoV (Field of Vision) :100" screen in 3m
Viewing Angle :120º
Interpupillary Distance :56-68mm
Cushioning Material :Elastic Nylon
Object Distance :Supports Side-By-Side, format 3D Video
Packing List :VR Glasses, User Manual, Clean Cloth, Controller (optional)
Earphone sensitivity :98dB
Glass Material :Japanese professional optical lens
Lens enlargement factor :1%-2% / x1.5-2
Crystal Diameter :42mm

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