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CPI Black30 3D Printer

490,00 €

The Black30 has a printing area of 310x310X400mm, providing a surface capable of making large pieces and small series but the characteristic that stands out is its easy-to-use double extrusion system, and its self-leveling in the bed.

Easy to use and calibrate, this machine will allow you to use its full potential, allowing you to print from the smallest and simplest designs to the largest, all extremely easily.

r CPI BLACK30 offers a large format 3D printing volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm. One of the outstanding features of 3D CPI Black30 is the possibility of using two extruders. It incorporates the possibility of self-leveling assisted by BLTOUCH. It is extremely quiet in its operation.

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  • FDM type printer.

    Print volume: A height printer, with a printing surface of 310x310x400mm. Its exceptional print height on the Z axis makes it the ideal candidate for architecture studios or artists.

    Aluminum chassis: A solid and robust chassis is essential for clean and vibration-free prints. It is here where much of the success of our impressions lies, since the movement and accelerations of the head are not transmitted to the printing surface, in addition to having all the electronics in the same structure, making everything more collected and curious.

    Compact: Despite its height, this printer is also very compact, with a very optimized design that allows you to place this large format printer even on an office desk.

    POM Wheels: The extruder carriage moves with a POM Wheel system with bearings, this allows the maintenance of the machine and its noise to be the minimum possible.

    Double extruder: Having a double extruder allows you to print parts in two colors, use soluble support material or have different nozzle diameters in the same printer among others.

    Direct type extruder: In the direct extrusion system, the motors are located just above the hotend of the printer. Thanks to this, precise retractions are achieved, which will help to improve the quality of the printed piece.

    Heated aluminum bed: To be able to print on the entire range of filaments available in the market, it is necessary to use a hot bed and in our large format printers, this process is carried out by an aluminum foil that is attached under the surface printing (glass).

    SD card reader: It has an SD card reader, thanks to which the printer works independently without connecting a computer.

    Filament sensor: In the event that the coil is finished during printing, it will pause allowing the coil to be replaced and to be able to resume printing at the point that it was interrupted.

    -CTP system: Thanks to the CTP system, Continue to print, voltage drops will never be a problem, the machine will automatically pause and once it is restarted it will allow printing to resume at the same point in the That stayed.

    -PRE MOUNTED: the machine comes pre-assembled in two parts, since the box is opened to have it running, it won't take more than 15 minutes

  •          Easy maintenance.
  •          Double layer fan.
  •          End of filament sensor.
  •          Extremely silent
  •          Great stability in its 3 axes.
  •          Autonomous printing from SD card.
  •          Direct extrusion in both extruders.
  •          Printing area: X300 * Y300 * Z400.
  •          Removable glass for better cleaning.
  •          Double trapezoidal transmission on the Z axis.
  •          Recovery of printing after power failure.
  •          Dangerous parts by temperature protected.
  •          Electronics protected in a metal chassis.
  •          Self leveling of the bed assisted by a BLTOUCH.
  •          Rubber feet to reduce vibrations to the outside.
  •          Double color printing or material, in a single extruder.
  •          Sliding axles with low wear POM wheels.
Printer Volume :310 x 310 x 400 mm
Weight (kg) :12 Kg
Dimensions (mm) :504 x 402 x 446 mm
X Y Axis Movement :0,010 mm in axis X, Y
Maximum Movement Speed (mm/s) :120 mm/s
Z Axis Movement :0,002mm en eje Z
Minimum layer tickness (mm) :0,1-0,5 mm
XYZ Precision (mm) :0,1-0,2 mm
Number of Extruders supported :2
Nozzle Diameter (mm) :0,4 mm
Extrusion System :Direct
Nozzle Temperature (ºC) :max. 260 (ºC)
Filament Diameter (mm) :1,75 mm
Filament Detector :Yes
Hot Bed :Yes
Hot Bed Maximum Temperature (ºC) :120 ºC
Operating Systems :Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OSX
Languages :English
Software :Cura
Formats :STL, OBJ, GCode, Amf
Screen :LCD Screen
Automatic Shutdown :No
Anti-blackouts :Yes


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