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3D ADDY 3DCPI printer, with a print volume of 400 x 300 x 300 mm with the possibility of printing up to 420 Cº with high temperature nozzles, equipped with dual extruder to print with a variety of 3D filaments.

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Print volume: A compact 3D printer, with a printing surface of 400x300x300mm. A printer with great features ideal for all types of jobs anywhere, whether workshop or technical office.

High temperature nozzles up to 420 Cº (optional): Printer equipped with dual extruder for standard materials, and with the option of putting extruders that support up to 420 Cº, for the printing of special materials.

Direct extrusion nozzles.

High speed and high definition: Equipped with direct extrusion system and linear guides that allows a maximum printing speed of 120 mm / s and a precision of 0.04 mm of minimum layer. 

Stability: It has a compact steel chassis that provides great stability for prints.

Heated chamber: Completely closed, to avoid unnecessary noise in work areas and provide a temperature inside the printer to avoid deformations in the prints.

Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown system.

Missing filament detection: When the printer detects lack of 3D filament, it will warn to avoid invalid impressions.

Touch screen: It has a touch screen with English menu, very easy to use and very intuitive.

Anti-particle filter: The air filter system can absorb the impurities and gases generated from impressions with special filaments.

Generating a more secure work environment

Auto-calibrated: Calibrated by 25 points through a sensor to perform the calibration of the printing base, compensating the Z levels automatically.

Printer Volume :400 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight (kg) :-
Dimensions (mm) :660 x 740 x 670 mm
X Y Axis Movement :Independent XYZ
Maximum Print Speed :120 mm/s
Minimum layer tickness (mm) :0,04 mm
Number of Extruders supported :2
Nozzle Diameter (mm) :1/ 0,3 /0,4 /0,6 /0,8 mm
Extrusion System :Direct
Nozzle Temperature (ºC) :max. 420 (ºC)
Filament Diameter (mm) :1,75 mm
Filament Detector :Yes
Hot Bed :Yes
Hot Bed Maximum Temperature (ºC) :110ºC
Print From :SD Card - USB
Screen :Touch Screeen Color
Automatic Shutdown :Yes
Anti-blackouts :Yes
Heated Print Chamber :Yes (max.70 cº)
Auto Calibrated :Yes
XY Axis Guides :Linear axis
Anti-particle Filter :Yes



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