Precision 1.5 3D printer

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Fully autonomous printer designed and designed in particular for dentistry, jewelry and modeling
Pixel Density XY: 47 μm

Construction volume: 121x68x160 mm

Layer thickness: 25, 50, 100 μm

Curing speed: 4-11 sec / layer

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Strong and tough unit
This printer features an updated and maintenance-free control unit. This unit allows to improve the precision with which the arm of the printer works, which offers greater security to print both large and solid parts and small and intricate details.

Pre-established construction platform
The construction platform is pre-established from the factory. Now there is no need to graduate the platform with each impression.

Technology Daylight polymer printing

Dimensions 38 x 35 x 58 cm

Weight 15 Kg (33 Lbs)

Power requirements 100–240 V, UK / USA / EU plug

LCD specification 5.5 ″ (2560 x 1440 px)

USB Connectivity

Printer control Interactive 7 ″ Touch-screen

Homing Pre-set homing

Resin Fill system Manual

Build Volume 121 x 68 x 160 mm

Layer Thickness 25, 50, 100 microns

XY pixel density 47 microns

Cure speed at 100 4-11 sec / layer (depending on resin)


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