Nozzle X E3D V6 - 1,75 mm

28,50 €

Nozzle X is a new high range nozzle, made of a special alloy of steel for tools, is a nozzle of great hardness, maintaining its properties at high temperatures without softening.

It has a hard and resistant nickel coating that provides a fantastic balance of cost and wears resistance.

Can this be improved? Yes, the NEW Nano coating "polyphobic" WS2, avoid melted polymers stuck to the nozzle.


Hardened steel nozzles are ideal for printing abrasive filaments, such as those that load carbon fiber, extreme temperatures can cause the steel to harden and soften, which reduces its resistance to abrasion. And then there are the plated copper nozzles, capable of dealing with high temperatures, but without the abrasion resistance necessary to resist carbon fiber. This is where the X Nozzle comes into play, a nozzle capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without softening.

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Being manufactured entirely mechanized in one piece, it can generate a carefully adjusted internal geometry, which provides a fantastic flow response and maintains the same geometry and compatibility as the rest of the ecosystem.


Benefits of our "polyphobic" Nano-coating WS2:


  •          Less accumulation, especially of sticky materials and fillers in the nozzle cone.
  •          Improved reliability of the first layer; smooth cladding has a reduced tendency to "drag" the material, especially at sharp corners where the tracks may peel off.
  •          Smooth, polished top solid layers with a glassy finish as a result of the softness of the inserted material. Cleaning the nozzle is easier; the little material that sticks is easily cleaned with a paper towel, leaving a very clean nozzle.

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