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ASA filament is the big brother of ABS, with many of its pros and only a few of its cons. Its robustness and resistance make it ideal for demanding outdoor applications without yellowing or deforming.

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Enjoy finishes and features never seen in a 3D PLA filament.

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The POM is characterized by its rigidity, hardness and impact resistance. It is a material with a long history in the industry, for both molded and machined parts. Ideal for small parts that require good mechanical properties.

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The PA Nylon combines several features: high breaking strength, flexibility and durability. Only suitable for advanced users

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A material as flexible as its name suggests, used in both the fashion world and the industry, where it can be used to obtain parts with high impact resistance.

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Our ABS PLUS with special additives to slow down its combustion.

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PLA CARBON 3DCPI is a high performance filament that offers an appropriate behavior in the engineering field with the ease and respect for the environment of a PLA.

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PETG 110 meets the characteristics of PETG reinforcing one of its weaknesses: the resistance to temperature. With the PETG 110 you can make very strong parts with a working temperature of 110ºC.

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POLYPROPYLENE (PP) comes to our catalog!

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Bring your electrical projects to life with this filament capable of conducting electricity.

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93,00 €

CarbonX™ CFR Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA Filament CarbonX™ CFR-PLA is an improved CF reinforced 3D printing filament vs. the competition. Made using High-Modulus Carbon Fiber (not carbon powder or milled carbon fiber). This filament is ideal for...

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105,75 €

PEEK has exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties, making it a material to use in some of the most demanding applications.The Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family of thermoplastics possess exceptional thermal, chemical and...

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3DXSTAT™ ESD-SAFE PLA 3D Filament 3DXSTAT™ ESD PLA is an advanced ESD-Safe compound designed for use in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Made using cutting-edge multi-wall carbon nanotube technology,...

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