ASA 3DCPI filament

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ASA filament is the big brother of ABS, with many of its pros and only a few of its cons. Its robustness and resistance make it ideal for demanding outdoor applications without yellowing or deforming.

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ASA, or acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, is an antistatic engineering thermoplastic highly resistant to UV rays and water, with exceptional chemical resistance. That added to its high impact resistance, durability and good surface finish make it the best option to make final parts for machinery or durable prototypes to use outdoors in the open, since they will maintain their shape and color over time.

ASA filament is more water resistant and stiffer than ABS, and it can also be treated with acetone to improve its finish and use HIPS as a support material. Still, like ABS, its temperature must be controlled to avoid deformations during printing

It requires a heatbed.

The use of lacquers for 3D printing is recommended.

Density : 1,07 g/cm³ (23°C)
Melt Index : -
Melting Point : 200°C
Dscomposition Temperature : 270°C
Printed Recommended Temperature : 245±10°C
Distorsion Temperature : 70°C
Speed : 6mm/min
Impact Resistence : 18kg- cm/cm
Elongation : 20%
Tolerance : 1,75±0,03 / 3,00±0,05
First layer temperature : 245°C
Heat bed temperature : 100°C -120°C
Packing dimensions : 235 x 215 x 80 mm
Packing weight : 1.45 kg approx.

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