PA-NYLON 3DCPI filament

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The PA Nylon combines several features: high breaking strength, flexibility and durability. Only suitable for advanced users

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Nylon is an artificial polymer belonging to the group of polyamides. The pieces printed in Nylon are very resistant, easy to machine and to treat, and although it is very fluid and easy to extrude, it is their tendency to warping which makes difficult the use of this material.


To obtain a greater adhesion to the base for the printing is recommended the use of Kapton, Dimafix or even bar glues.

It is recommended, before printing with nylon, to dry it. It can be dried in the oven for 4 hours at 50-80 degrees.

The printing of this filament has to be done at high temperatures so it is advisable to use a metal extruder.

It is ideal for small parts that require good mechanical qualities.

It is necessary to use hot bed.

The use of lacquers for 3D printing is indispensable.

Density : 1,14 g/cm³ (23°C)
Melt Index : -
Melting Point : 224°C
Dscomposition Temperature : 280°C
Printed Recommended Temperature : 250±10°C
Distorsion Temperature : 160°C (4,6kgf/cm)
Speed : 6mm/min
Impact Resistence : 50kg- cm/cm
Elongation : 200%
Tolerance : 1,75±0,03 / 3,00±0,05
First layer temperature : 230°C
Heat bed temperature : 100°C -120°C



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