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11,43 €

Change colour with UV light!

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15,50 €

With this material you will get all the features of our PLA PLUS but with metallic and bright finishes. Colour reddish copper with metallic gloss, you can give an old look to pieces such as busts and sculptures.

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21,49 €

Your pieces with the naturalness of wood!

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22,43 €

Change colour with temperature!

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22,50 €

In the darkest moments your pieces will shine with their own light!

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23,00 €

Fluorescent PLA offers vibrant, eye-catching colours. This material will make your pieces remarkable.

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24,00 €

Our PLA PLUS presented in a coil that changes colour randomly, you will not know until the end as your piece will be and no piece will be equal to the previous one.

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