PLA XL 3DCPI filament

74,38 €

Our classic PLA in 3 and 5 kg coils so you can print non-stop.

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  • Delivery 48 hours
  • 5 kg
  • 3 kg
  • 3 mm

New coils 3 and 5 kg, filament large 3D printers.

Rigid plastic derived from corn starch.

It does not emit harmful gases.

Just it shrinks as it cools, so it is recommended for large pieces.

The typical temperature range of 190-220ºC impression. Heated to 60C platform recommended but not necessary.

Density : 1,24 g/cm³ (23°C)
Melt Index : -
Melting Point : 160°C
Dscomposition Temperature : 230°C
Printed Recommended Temperature : 200±10°C
Distorsion Temperature : 70°C
Speed : 6mm/min
Impact Resistence : -
Elongation : 145%
Tolerance : -



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